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Create Your Destination Weddings At Our Cabo San Lucas Resort

  • A: No. At Hacienda Encantada,your special day will be all about you and only you. We only host one wedding ceremony and reception a day so we can focus on making sure the venue, the food and the service is impeccable.
  • A: The symbolic ceremony is performed by a minister and the marriage certificate you get from him is not a marriage license. The ceremony is performed in English and your ceremony is fully customizable. You will not need to bring or send any paperwork or do a blood test. The legal ceremony is performed by a justice of the peace and the marriage certificate you get is a valid marriage license that must be apostilled to make it legal in the US. The ceremony is performed in Spanish (simultaneously translated by a friend or wedding coordinator), and it must be said word for word. You will be asked for documentation and blood test results in order to have this ceremony.
  • A:
    • Timing. Both the bride and groom must arrive 2 full business days prior to their wedding day. (Day of arrival, day of the wedding, Saturday and Sunday, do not count as business days.)
    • Paperwork. The bride and groom must fill out the marriage application form.
    • Birth Certificates. The bride and groom must provide copies of their birth certificates.
    • Passports. The bride and groom must provide copies of their valid passports.
    • Travel Permits. The bride and groom must each have a valid tourist card when traveling to Mexico. A copy of these tourist cards will be required upon your arrival - you keep originals for your check in at the airline upon departure.
    • Divorce Decree / Death Certificate. A copy of the divorce decree or death certificate will be required if either the bride or groom has been previously married. A copy of the first and last pages will be required.
    • Witnesses. The bride and groom must have 4 witnesses older than 18 years old, and provide a valid copy of each witnesses passports. (2 witnesses for the bride and 2 witnesses for the groom)
    • Blood Tests. A blood test must be performed in Mexico two days prior to the wedding day, which can be done in the privacy of your suite. The lab technician will take the blood samples and deliver the results the next day, on time for the Justice of the Peace.
    • Legality. If you would like your marriage to be recognized as legal throughout the world an extra fee will apply in order to apostille your marriage certificate.
  • A: Yes, you can have both types of ceremonies performed. Together, both ceremonies will take approximately 15-20 minutes total.
  • A: Yes, however our ceremony packages include a minister for a symbolic wedding. If you provide your own minister the package price will not change.
  • A: It is highly recommended to schedule your ceremony 1½ or 2 hours before the sunset, so that your photographer is able to capture the perfect lighting and take unforgettable pictures. This ensures that there is enough time for the ceremony at sunset and for pictures afterwards s the sun sinks into the sea.
  • A: Yes. Hacienda Encantada offers beautiful ocean view venues, two open air terraces, scenic gardens, a pool area and restaurants with breathtaking views of the sea.
  • A: July, August and September are the hottest months in Cabo San Lucas for a wedding.  August and September are also the most common months for rain and hurricanes on the Baja Peninsula and Mexico.
  • A: In case of unfavorable weather conditions for an outdoor wedding, the ceremony will be moved to an indoor venue.
  • A: All of our packages include the services of a professional wedding coordinator. Services include site coordination on your wedding day, all meetings with you (even if you visit the resort before the wedding and require a meeting at that point), and comprehensive planning for the wedding. If you would still like to contract an external wedding coordinator, we can provide you with some local recommendations.
  • A: All our Cabo wedding venues and locations have a noise restriction of 11:00 pm, except the Las Marias Terrace that goes to midnight.