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Cabo Whale Watching Cruises & Local Dolphin Swims

The calm, warm waters of Baja California don't just attract visitors and guests, they're also home to an amazing array of fish and sea mammals. Each year, up to nine species of whales visit Baja to bask in the welcoming lagoons, mate and give birth to their young. Depending on the time of year, you can have a close encounter with California gray whales, humpback whales, sperm whales, minke whales and fin whales. You may even spy an orca in the deeper waters of the Pacific. And when you're ready for an up close experience, head over to the Dolphinarium where you can even join them for a dolphin swim in their lagoon.
Whale Watching at Cabo San Lucas

Whale Watch Cabo (Seasonal)

Get up close and personal with Mother Nature's most majestic sea creatures. Nine types of whales call Baja home throughout the year. An experience you'll never forget.
Dolphins Cabo San Lucas

Dolphins Cabo San Lucas

Dolphin Discovery San Jose del Cabo

Dolphin Discovery San Jose del Cabo