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Mesmerizing Cabo San Lucas Scuba Diving Adventures

Explore Cabo's warm, tranquil waters where abundant marine life waits to greet you. From the tiniest sea creatures to the world's largest mammals, the Sea of Cortez and Pacific Ocean offer surprises around every coral head. Easy and fast boat access to amazing dive sites means you have more bottom time, while experienced guides and varied terrain offer perfect conditions for divers of every skill level. Warm, coastal waters and vibrant native sea life, like sea lions and mobula rays, leave guests breathless while exploring the region's underwater wonders. Book your excursion now. There's nothing quite like Cabo scuba diving.

Cabo Pulmo Diving

See more than 300 species of fish when you dive with the only PADI 5-Star Resort & Dive Center in the National Marine Park. Explore the U.S.'s closest living coral reef.