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Cabo Snorkeling, Parasailing & Coastal Adventures

In a land surrounded on nearly every side with sparkling seas, it's no surprise that Cabo San Lucas is a haven for water sports enthusiasts. Take your pick from the adrenaline rush of parasailing and waverunner adventures, or opt for a more relaxing vibe under water on a scuba or snorkeling excursion. You'll also find excellent surfing with breaks for every skill level. And, of course, you can rent a kayak and tour the shoreline at your own pace. When the day winds down, hop on a romantic sunset sail and enjoy cocktails with someone special. There's no better place than Cabo for people who love coastal adventures on the water.
Sunset Cruises at Cabo San Lucas

Sunset Cruises

Ready. Set. Sail. There's nothing more romantic than watching a famous, fiery Cabo San Lucas sunset from the deck of a beautiful sailing boat. Cheers to that.
Diving Cabo Adventures at Baja California Sur

Diving - Cabo Adventures

Water teeming with sea life virtually begs you to dive in and explore. And with some of the finest reefs just a five minute boat ride away, there's nothing stopping you.
Snorkeling Cabo Adventures at Baja California Sur

Snorkeling - Cabo Adventures

Keep your mask and snorkel handy, because you never know when the urge to jump in the turquoise sea might strike. Cabo's marine life makes snorkeling unforgettable.
Baja California Sur Parasailing Happy Flights Cabo

Parasailing - Happy Flights Cabo

Up, up and away. See the Baja Peninsula from a new perspective as you sail high above the water like a bird. Nothing compares to a parasailing adventure in paradise.
Sport Fishing at Cabo San Lucas

Sport Fishing

Head out to open water and get ready to challenge yourself as you match wits with the ultimate sport fish - blue marlins. A day of sport fishing equals a lifetime of memories.
Baja California Sur Surfing Del Cabo Surf Shop

Surfing - Del Cabo Surf Shop

With breaks to satisfy every skill level, there's surfing for everyone here. Add in warm water, beautiful weather and sunny skies and you have the perfect surf recipe.
Kayaking Cabo Expeditions at Cabo San Lucas

Kayaking - Cabo Expeditions

Grab a paddle and get set for adventure, in big waves, along calm shoreline or down rushing inland rivers. Exploring Cabo by kayak is a true adventure for all paddlers.
Wave Runners Aries Watersports at Baja California Sur

Wave Runners - Aries Watersports

The calm, warm waters of the Sea of Cortez are perfect for exploring on a wave runner. Rev it up and play in the waves or take a leisurely tour, the choice is yours.