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Baja Sur Kayaking, Cabo ATV Tours & Zip Lining

Immerse yourself in Cabo's natural beauty with an unforgettable outdoor adventure. Race through sand dunes, canyons and desert arroyos on an ATV. Speed through the treetops on a zip line tour. Navigate rushing rapids on a kayak. There's no shortage of thrills waiting for you in this vibrant coastal locale, perched along the edge of Baja Sur. Go off-road on your own safari and check out areas of the Los Cabos outback. Or, witness a stunning vibrant orange sunset from horseback as you meander along golden sand beaches with someone special. Around every corner, Cabo creates outdoor experiences that last forever.
ATV Tours at Cabo San Lucas

ATV Tours

Discover the excitement that's waiting for you off the beaten path, and climb aboard an ATV to explore rugged desert trails that put you in the heart of wild Cabo.
Zip Line Tours at Baja California Sur

Zip Line Tours

Get a bird's eye view of the best of Los Cabos, as you soar high above the tree tops and over plunging canyons from a zip line. Guaranteed to make your heart race.
Buggies Cabo Adventures at Baja California Sur

Buggies - Cabo Adventures

Go really off-road in your own dune buggy and discover a side of Cabo you've only imagined. Traverse rugged terrain, dense jungle and discover secluded beaches.
Safari at Baja California Sur

Safari (Cabo Adventures)

Hop in an exciting Unimog truck and be transported deep into the Baja outback, where amazing views, delicious cuisine and a camel ride on the beach are your reward.
Horseback Riding Carisuva at Baja California Sur

Horseback Riding - Carisuva

Experience Baja the way explorers did hundreds of years ago, on horseback. Watch spectacular sunsets and explore stretches of golden sand beach from atop your steed.
Baja California Sur City Tours

City Tours

Cabo is about more than amazing scenery and stunning sand beaches. Check out the area's historical sites, handcrafts and an 18th century mission on this tour.