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    Shaving is recommended for men prior to a facial so the skin is revealed for treatment. If you do shave before your facial, be sure to do so 6 to 8 hours prior to your spa appointment as some lotions are abrasive and can irritate the skin. Shaving is not recommended prior to any body treatment or hair removal services.


  • A: Should you take it off or not? Massage and body treatments are best enjoyed in the buff. During spa treatments, the body is draped, except for the area being worked on. We suggest wearing whatever is comfortable and loose fitting so you can easily get changed. We offer bathrobes, sandals and towels, as well as lockers for your clothing and personal items. If traveling light to the spa, wear a bathing suit and flipflops.
  • A: The spa is designed for the enjoyment of our adult guests. To receive treatment, guests must be 18 years and older. Guests under 18 require an adult to be present through the spa service.
  • A: We recommend always arriving early or at least on time for your spa treatment so you can relax and get the total experience. Arriving late will deprive you of your full spa treatment time. As a courtesy to our next guest, your treatment will end at the time originally scheduled.
  • A: Morning appointments must be canceled the day before your treatment to avoid charges. For appointments in the evenings, please give us 4 hours notice before cancellation or rescheduling your appointment, otherwise it will be charged to your account as a "no show" with 100% of your treatment cost.
  • A: If you are staying in the hotel, please leave valuable items in the safe in your guestroom. Otherwise, a locker is available for your personal items.
  • A: Plan to arrive at least 20 minutes prior to your spa appointment. This allows you plenty of time to check in, change, use the steam room, and begin the relaxation process.