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About 1 year(s) ago by Hacienda Encantada

Several years ago, in a city situated in southern Mexico called Manzanillo, Grupo Anderson (of which Don Gabriel Macías Dueñas was a partner) founded a Mexican-style restaurant called Guadalajara Grill. The restaurant boasted an authentic Mexican concept inspired by the architecture of colonial Haciendas. Inside, guests enjoyed the integral elements of the old haciendas including murals, a patio, and of course, the bold use of color. The interior patio of the grill was a clear example of the colorful life in Mexico; its murals were decorated with paintings of iconic figures from Mexican history, flower boxes were full of bright and striking colored flowers, a fountain in the center was responsible for creating a refreshing environment and lastly, was a very unique corner that was the favorite among patrons. Giving meaning to the whole concept of the Mexican hacienda, the corner had a representation of a cart pulled by a cow and in it was the peasant lord and his wife surrounded by bales, fodder, sacks of grain along with other ranch animals. This corner represented the life of the people. It was the favorite space for guests to take pictures, as the color and details provided a true representation of the Hacienda.

After a few years, the restaurant completed its cycle and Grupo Anderson decided to close its doors. It was later decided that the property would be sold, with all of the decorations included. However, Don Gabriel Macías Dueñas (founder of Hacienda Encantada) had taken a liking to the well-known corner of the Guadalajara Grill and he decided to keep the main characters, the peasant lord, his wife, the cart and, of course, the cow. Don Gabriel mentioned the reason he decided to keep these icons was because they reminded him of the origins of his family. His grandfather was foreman in a hacienda where he and his siblings used to spend their vacations as children. Now, the characters of the Guadalajara Grill are distributed in different properties owned by Don Macías. The peasant gentleman and his wife are now visitors’ favorite characters at Los Deseos Restaurant, located in the Golden Zone in the Cabo San Lucas Marin and the cow has become part of the great family at Hacienda Encantada.

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