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10 Enchanted Moments in Los Cabos.

About 2 year(s) ago by Hacienda Encantada

Top 10 Enchanted Moments in Cabo.


Cabo San Lucas is one of the most interesting destinations in Mexico because it has everything a tourist can look for. You can enjoy amazing and breathtaking landscapes or you can look for adventures everyday right on the corner. Build unforgettable memories while staying in Cabo. In honor of the 10th Enchanting Anniversary of Hacienda Encantada, here are the 10 Enchanting Moments you can look for at Los Cabos:



1.    Whales watching

For an unforgettable experience in a lifetime you must hop on a boat and go to see the giant gray whales. There are thousand of these mammoth cetaceans that migrate between December and April from Canada, or even Alaska, to give birth in Baja. Is well known that they make the trip without stopping, can you imagine the rush they’re in? As soon as they arrive to the seas of Baja, the Whale-watching tours are available where the people can go in small boats, better know as pangas, and have an encounter with the whales, and often, with their new babies, when they approach the boat.


2.    Nightlife

You’re looking for some energetic nightlife? Look no further! Cabo San Lucas has long been known for its vibrant and tireless nightlife.  Cabo’s after-dark, into-the-dawn party scene draws a loud, festive crowd.  You would find so many and so different places for all party preferences from beach bars to dance clubs. The majority of the nightlife in Cabo is secluded in one place: downtown. So you can hop from one club to another real quick.


3.    Golf courses

Cabo San Lucas, the top golf destination in Latin America and one of the premier golf destinations in the world with several courses award-winning. Either you can go just to have some fun with friends and family, or you can find out if you are the next Tiger Woods. Courses throughout the region have been developed by legends of the sport like Jack Nicklaus. There are 15 golf courses currently open for you to enjoy and a few more on the way.


4.    Art & Culture

Despite of the international influences, Los Cabos hasn’t lost its endemic traditions and happen to grow as a hub of music, art and culture. Even though the beaches are one of the main attractions to this destination, the art and culture scene offer a unique and extraordinary experience. The are a fairly amount of festivals that are growing year by year and are gaining international recognition; Los Cabos offers a wide array of cultural events that can please any kind of visitor.


5.    Sunset cruises

One of the most famous activities to do in Cabo is the sunset cruising. No matter if you’re looking to be entertained by a pirate show, a sunset sail or a party cruise. For a unique experience hop on a water taxi or a boat tour (some of them offer glass-bottom boats so you can be able to gaze at the sea life) and head to Cabo’s most iconic and picturesque spot, The Arch or “El Arco”. On one side you can enjoy views of the Pacific Ocean in all its grandeur; on the other side enjoy breathtaking views of the Sea of Cortez.


6.    Water activities

The Bay of Los Cabos is unmatched for the wealth of activities and things to do all year around like scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding and even flyboarding. Above all, snorkeling is a must in the area of Cabo, and probably the most popular water activity. It might be the favorite one because it’s only a boat ride away to explore one of many secluded areas teeming with the incredible and very extended tropical ocean fauna like marlin, angel fish, puffer fish and many more beautiful and astonishing creatures that lives under the ocean’s surface.


7.    Explore nature

If you’re visiting Cabo, you should add to your “must to do” list, the nature encounters. There are so many places to explore under the Sea of Cortez. One of Baja’s true gems is Cabo Pulmo, an unspoiled national marine preserve along the Sea of Cortez; is home to one of Baja’s most spectacular coral reefs and a host of unique sea life. The Sea of Cortez and the areas around Cabo possess an incredible array of marine life; as the world-famous explorer, Jacques Cousteau, one said, “Baja California Sur is the world’s natural aquarium”. You can either go swim with whale sharks or simply observe turtles making their nests on the beach, which would be a lifetime experience.


8.    Sport fishing

Los Cabos’ waters are the perfect scenery for fishing tournaments and for fishing anglers looking for a thrill. The billfish are the main draw in Los Cabos, headline by three species of marlin. If you took a walk along La Marina you can contact with many vendors that can rent charters. To have an authentic fishermen experience you would have to go on a thrilling four-hour fishing right off the beach.


9.    Fine dining

There is many people who thinks that Baja cuisine is based on fish tacos and beer, well, let me tell you that they may probably never been to Baja and seen how innovative chefs here are playing with traditional Mexican fare and creating a whole new dining experience. Even though there is much international cuisine influence, all chefs are quick to point out that they’re not abandoning Mexican cooking entirely, since the tourist visit Mexico and they expect Mexican food.


10. Dreamy Weddings

Mexico itself is a growing romantic destination, therefore it’s no surprise that Los Cabos is growing in popularity as a Mexican wedding and honeymoon destination. The pristine golden beaches and rugged beauty of Cabo make for a perfect romantic getaway.  What a better place than Los Cabos to surround yourself and the ones you love with spectacular sunsets and sun-kissed beaches. Besides, you can let crystal blue water, white sand and soaring rock formations be the scenario for stunning photos that capture that special day.



Don’t miss the opportunity to live unforgettable experience and build amazing and treasurable memories in one of the most interesting and beautiful destinations in Mexico. Los Cabos offer you infinity number of activities and attractions you would definitely enjoy. Whether you’re looking for some adventures, a relaxing time, a family vacation or just a romantic getaway, Los Cabos is ready to open a world of possibilities.


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