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  • Los Cabos

    Slip away to paradise and experience the beauty of Cabo at its best...

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    Enjoy Cabo at its best with unlimited Adventures. Take a quick look to our video

  • Hacienda Encantada

    Discover the beat, colors and flavors of México at this beautiful Contemporary Hacienda style Resort...


Welcome to Hacienda Encantada Los Cabos Resort

Offering the ultimate vacation experience, in luxurious 4-Diamond resort accommodations in the Cabo San Lucas area.

Providing the most spectacular ocean views in Cabo from hacienda-style suites that are perched high up on a scenic point overlooking the serene blue waters of the Sea of Cortez, Hacienda Encantada is a jewel in paradise.

Secluded location in the tourist corridor, just minutes from downtown Cabo San Lucas and the Marina Golden Zone, Hacienda Encantada embraces the natural settings of both desert and ocean that Lands’ End is famous for.

Hacienda Encantada shows off the best that traditional Mexican architecture and Mexican artwork have to offer with hand-made Talavera tile murals, Spanish colonial fountains, earth tones that are so widely used in the region and more.

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  • The Temazcal, Ritual of Relaxation in México
    The Temazcal, Ritual of Relaxation in México

    Temazcal is a word of Nahuatl origin formed by temaz – vapor and calli – house. It is an ancestral practice done inside a small hut build with rocks, blankets or animal skins. Volcanic stones are heated and placed inside, an infusion of medicinal plants is then poured over them. The diverse aromatic plants transpire their essence into the steam that is absorbed by the skin and inhaled, providing many health benefits for the body. 

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  • Sportfishing in México
    Sportfishing in México

    In Mexico fishing is a great opportunity for recreation and relaxation in harmony with nature.

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  • Brief history of Mezcal.
    Brief history of Mezcal.
    Mezcal is another name for maguey plant. Additionally, Mezcal is the generic name for all spirits distilled from the agave, as well as the name of a regional beverage, similar to tequila, but made mostly in the state Oaxaca. Note that Mezcal is not the same as Tequila — the two should never be confused. Technically, tequila is a form of Mezcal, more properly known as "Mezcal de Tequila”.  
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